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If you know how to fly a paraglider, you can skip instructions and start flying!

General instructions

Paraglider launching in Bodø, Norway
Paraglider. Photo: Torleif Småback

Paragliding sim 2 - final approach is a simple 2D paragliding simulator/game.

Your objective is to perform a final approach and landing with a paraglider (PG). Keep an eye on your altitude (the red, vertical bar) to the right.

Final approach

The ideal way of landing is by doing an aircraft type approach. This is done by flying a down wind leg followed by a base leg and then a final leg heading into the wind towards the landing point.

Alternatively you could fly an 8-pattern approach before making your final leg.


The PG flies at a certain speed, typically around 10 m/s (air speed). However, if there is a 2 m/s wind, the PG will have a ground speed of 8 m/s when heading into the wind, and 12 m/s downwind. Because of this you should always land heading into the wind (slower/softer touch down). This counts 40% of your total score.


Turning is done by pulling the right/left brake. When you turn, the PG will descend a little faster. Because of this you should avoid turning just before touchdown in order to land as softly as possible. This counts 35% of your total score.

Aircraft type approach
Aircraft type approach. If you discover that you are too low or too high during your approach you can "cut the corner" or make a wider turn to burn off altitude just before the final leg.

8-pattern approach
The 8-pattern approach involves less turning than this figure might give the impression of. Stronger wind means less turning.


Select wind speed and direction and click the Fly button to start.

  • Q,A - left brake up/down
  • P,L- right brake up/down
  • U - pause/unpause

You can watch the pilots brake positions on the pilot figure below.

Tip: Place 2 of your fingers on each of the 2 keys - left and right (there is really just one way of doing this easily).

If you don't have a keyboard you can click or tap the pilot figure to control the PG.

Paragliding sim

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